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April 26, 2017

Why Sheep milk is better for you than cow or goat milk – Nutritional benefits of sheep milk

Health Benefits of Sheep’s Milk INTRODUCTION: Sheep milk is more acceptable to the human digestive system in comparison to cow’s and goat’s milk. Sheep milk does […]
October 4, 2016

Our yoghurts offer a natural alternative to cow dairy products

As well as being delicious and easy to eat, yoghurt is widely accepted as a good source of the nutrients needed to maintain a balanced and […]
October 4, 2016

Curious Friends

Sheep and goats’ milk products can offer a real alternative to cow dairy products and be useful to those with cow dairy allergies and intolerance’s. Live […]
October 3, 2016

Proteins and vitamins – we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Yoghurt is a significant source of calcium which is good for our bones and in yoghurt the calcium is in a form that is particularly easily […]
August 3, 2016

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August 3, 2016

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